The current version of ypghost is now version 0.6. This version has a few minor improvements, one of which greatly improves performance on some platforms. The tar file also now includes another program called ypdump that lets you watch certain NIS traffic on the local network.

'addendum' - BSD actually expects the total length field in a raw IP packet to be in host byte order, not network byte order as I expected. This will stop ypghost060 working on such platforms as x86 FreeBSD. This is not a problem on processors that use the same byte order as IP, such as a SPARC. It also wont affect any kernel such as linux which overwrites the total length field with the correct value. The mistake is very easy to fix, I just cant be bothered testing and releasing a corrected version. The same problem also affects arnudp001.c. Personally I blame BSD.


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