Stuff which hasn't (yet) made the grade

You should only be reading this after you are sure you've read everything else on the unix/net/hack page
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This is where I've put stuff that,
  1. I've not had time to look at or try out properly, if at all,
  2. Is probably not useful to most people,
  3. Is wrong or inaccurate - misinformation is a problem when it comes to unix security,
  4. Is too trivial.
Read at your own risk. This section isn't even complete, I certainly have files that I haven't bothered to move to here. On the other hand just because something is here doesn't mean its poor, it might mean I just haven't had time to look at it or that I couldn't quite decide. Similarly stuff on my main page may be duplicated here.

I have put some effort into separating the wheat from the chaff when putting together my page. If you are a beginner at unix security allow me to tell you that the files on the main page ARE useful, you should spend time trying to understand them before wasting your time here.

The criteria I tend to use for the main page is "will it enable me to break into unix computers?". If you think something here deserves to be on my main page please mail me to tell me.

You're on your own now, don't even believe everything that I say! ;-)

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