C courses and tutorials

Whilst there seems to be a shortage of documents on TCP/IP etc on the net, fortunately the same does not seem to be completely true about documents on C. If I come across any I'll try to remember to stick them here. Unfortunately, since I already know about C, I can't be bothered reading them to decide how good they are, so you'll have to take your chances and decide for yourself.

Incidentally I only know about standard ANSI C, and this is quite sufficient for hacking unix. IMO learning about non standard extensions to the C language such as C++, or things like turbo C for MS-DOS, should be strongly avoided. If you *MUST* learn about such perversities, make sure you fully understand standard C first, and what is and isn't acceptable under standard C.

In addition to the above courses/tutorials that are generally aimed at the complete beginner, also be sure to check out the GNU libc info pages on my page.

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