Boring monologue about the unix / net / hack page:

I am interested in unix and computer communications and believe that one of the best and most interesting ways to learn about the subject is to relate stuff to the context of unix network security. This page hopefully will cover (if not be a complete guide to), general unix stuff, particularly unix network stuff, and particularly unix hacking security stuff - hence the name, with me so far?

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These pages have been created solely and independently by myself. Ever since the rather suspicious censorship of these pages when they were at the University of Wolverhampton (I strongly suspect *somebody* told them they had to remove them), they are no longer supported by any one single organisation, instead various Internet services are very kindly given to me by a variety of individuals who care about freedom of speech on the Internet. I am very grateful to these people.

All correspondence regarding my pages and the domain should be addressed to me. Believe me, it is me and me alone that is responsible for these pages. You are wasting your time if you think mailing root@anywhere will have any affect on the contents of these pages.

I retain sole copyright to these pages, not including files that are clearly indicated to be written by somebody else.

I much prefer to approach the issue of computer security by actively developing methods of gaining unintended access to systems, rather than blindly trying to make a system secure without understanding the methods and mentality that 'intruders' would use. It is total folly for me to have to put the phrase "this is how an intruder might try to break into your system" before everything. I find it intensely annoying that some argue that this attitude might leave me open to being accused of incitement.

I also find it annoying that some people automatically think of me as some evil hacker just because my personal opinion isn't totally completely unsympathetic to hackers. (IMO I think it desirable that anti-hackers and hackers work together like adults to ultimately make unix as secure as possible, I have no time whatsoever for people that desire security through obscurity).

I strongly recommend that nobody attempts in anyway to gain unauthorised access to any sort of computer system, as any kind of attempt to gain unauthorised access sadly seems to be a serious criminal offense under U.K. law.


Arny -

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