Internet Geek (U.K.)

'Internet Geek (U.K.)' is the official name of the 'organisation' that has the domain The 'organisation' was named in 1995 at a time when you actually had to submit a description of what your organisation was if you wanted a domain registered; at a time when few people knew what the Internet was and 'Internet Geek' didn't sound completely lame.

'We' are proficient in various geek skills, but our main specialism at the moment is apathy, in which we are now world leaders.

Normal service will be resumed if ever I think of something worth doing here.

All enquiries about 'Internet Geek' and the domain should be addressed to me,

Despite 8 years of apathy, 6 years of NS record anomalies, 1 censorship attempt by JANET-CERT (the reason was first registered), the Unix / Net / Hack page still lives on. Maintained? I can't even remember where its hosted without looking at the zone file. Hard to believe in 1996 people were so impressed by such a simple basic nothingness page, but I've still got all my old email somewhere to prove it.


I finally signed up to Nominet's terms and conditions ( is a pre-nominet domain) and got stuff normalised.

...make that 10 years of apathy.

Sites with some connection to 'us':

Sites with no connection to 'us':

Text regarding a google experiment (I wanted to see what happenned if I got in the top 10 search results for a TV show - answer: just one email from a researcher from a women's magazine):

Beauty and the Geek (UK)

The wikipedia article is here. The Internet movie database entry for Beauty and the Geek UK can be found here. The show title is sometimes abreviated to BATG UK. There is a fan site at